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We are an experienced health and wellness consulting outfit whose mission is helping you stay successful by preventing and reversing the progression of health conditions.

We help in boosting an individual or corporate culture of health and wellness. In our over 5 years of operation, we have coached over 1000 corporate executives to retain their health and overcome debilitating diseases. Our wellness solutions are delivered by some of the leading corporate wellness coaches, fitness trainers & medical doctors.

Using the critical tool of diet and lifestyle change, we coach people passionately and tactically out of debilitating health conditions to enjoy full health and the result has been tremendous. Even several supposedly incurable diseases like Ulcer, Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes and Hypertension has been reversed by our coaching.

Everyone should recognize that their health is more important than anything else in their life. Without good or even functioning health you have very little else. This includes wealth, love and all other joys. Additionally, the greater your health the more productive is your life and the greater is your Quality of Life.

Sthenos Wellness Solutions, offers the opportunity to regain your health as well as maintain it well into old age.

Here are the amazing benefits you will realize with a membership in Sthenos Wellness Solutions:

>> Focus both on preventative care, minimizing risk and disease reversal model.
>> We help unmask the underlying causes of all your health concerns.
>> Quick, efficient, and accurate solutions to reach optimal health.
>> Health Risk Assessments
>> Dramatically decrease the cost of achieving optimal health and a high quality of life
>> Offer wellness solutions to the debilitating problems that undermine our effectiveness – Hypertension,           Diabetes, Arthhritis, Cancer, fatigue, obesity, depression, Ulcer, Alzheimers and much more.


Damilola Olamodi

Founder/ Wellness Coach

A wellness Coach with about 10 years consolidated experience. UK trained Health Safety and Environment Expert.

Hannah Adams

Chief Operation Officer

Astute Operation Head. She has worked with some of the biggest educational institute in Africa.

Victor Olowe

Health Risk Assessment

A Medical Lab Scientist with over 15 years experience. An expert in the use of tools and gadgets in run various wellness tests.


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